︎︎︎Rebot: A Pet Bottle Recycling Machine
{Branding & Identity}

a reverse vending machine turned into a (user+eco) friendly robot—recycling plastic and saving the planet, one bottle at a time

Recycling and reusing can never be focused enough on. To give our own take to the cause, we turned a boring looking ‘reverse vending’ machine into a ‘robot’ that recycles plastic. And not just plastic, we even recycled an existing logo. Using the universally understood symbol for recycling: 3 arrows in an infinite triangular loop, we gave it our own twist to create a new icon that replaces arrows with bottles, making the connection explicit.
The identity is designed to be stencillable for application as a symbol of a movement/revolution, travelling across walls depicting the location of the nearest Rebot.

© 2021 Bableen Chopra